A Different Kind of Animal


New York

While Vichy cosmetics have always been extremely popular in Europe, the brand had a lower profile in the United States.

Vichy hired ADKOA to develop a regional launch campaign for its newest LiftActiv products: LiftActiv Serum 10 Eyes & Lashes and LiftActiv Serum 10. The campaign needed to support the New York market in a way that would raise awareness and sales.  

Discovery & Insights

LiftActiv has achieved success in Europe because of its unique anti-aging formula. It features Rhamnose, a natural plant sugar that is clinically proven to fight signs of aging, and Hyaluronic Acid, which has an immediate plumping and hydrating effect.  

Since anti-aging was the top desired cosmetic attribute among our demographic of New York women, our challenge lay in breaking through the clutter of city life and getting our ladies to lift their heads and take notice.

Lift up & Rejoice

We know our city inside and out, so we’re more than aware that our ladies don’t always look up from their mobile devices, iPads, or Kindles when in transit to their jobs or to meet up with family and friends. Within three weeks, we created the Lift Up NYC campaign, designed to celebrate the ambition, persistence, and vigor that make the New York woman thrive.


The success of the Lift Up campaign was reflected in numbers. Within six months, New York in-store and online sales had increased threefold. Most importantly, our success allowed Vichy to leverage the Lift Up platform to reach and engage a national audience to bring awareness to Vichy’s benefits to women across the country.