A Different Kind of Animal


Craft Distilled Vodka

When the most award-winning Vodka of all time asked us to develop its new communication platform for the US market, we quickly took a sip.


ADKOA attacked the project with an intensive research phase that taught us everything we needed to know about Purity’s distinguishing attributes. Among other things, we discovered that Purity had won 100 taste awards (and counting) as well as top honors in all seven categories of Vodka-dom. So why were competitors like Grey Goose and Kettle One stealing the buzz?


Grey Goose was known as The World’s Best Tasting Vodka. Kettle One owned the Premium Distilled Vodka title. The category was competitive and oversaturated. It was time to invite our jaded vodka connoisseurs to try something new – so we introduced them to something that exceeded their wildest expectations.

We knew the consumer, the drink, and the market. So we developed a brand platform that was clever, sophisticated, and aspirational, yet witty enough to hold the attention of America’s most discerning drinkers. 

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It was the right mix of catchy, provocative, and – most importantly – true. After all, Purity was founded on exceptional taste and tasteful clientele. Our print campaign went through several iterations, but ultimately featured Purity’s best attribute: award-winning taste.