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Mustel​a​ was a very well respected brand globally​,​ but struggled to get on​ the U.S.​ ​mom​'s radar​​. We looked ​into the U​.​S​.​ category ​(or "marketplace") ​to determine what Mom​ was​ responding t​o​ and why. What set Mustela apart was ​its​ 60-year history, ​organic products, and scientific expertise​. Some moms were aware of the quality factor, but they couldn't find approachability to the brand.


First​,​ we had to establish a​n​ ongoing dialog with existing customers and new customers buying online (or "new online customers/shoppers"). We presented Mustela with a few different approaches to earning points based on purchasing behavior (or "customer behavior"). Finally, we decided that Mustela could engage its customers through a "surprise and delight" program. 

Surprise & Delight

Our thinking behind the "surprise and delight" program was twofold: to surprise customers with rewards for purchasing, reviewing, and referring Mustela products, but without warning. Unlike most points-based rewards programs, customers would have no idea what they were receiving and when they were receiving it until it was already in their inbox. Meanwhile, points would accumulate in the backend, leading up to even more benefits and perks. 


We split customers into three groups based on their online ​purchasing behavior: customers, subscribers, and guests. The final step was to integrate the customer database, email templates, visuals, and copy into dotmailer so that they could be edited and sent according to our roll-out plan. 


Our team designed and delivered reports that measured all aspects of the loyalty program's impact. Each report gave feedback on brand awareness, engagement, sales, and loyalty. Recent results demonstrate that "add to cart" actions have increased by 0.8%, which is four times the previous rate. Cart abandonment has decreased to 16%. Total e-commerce sales have increased by 10%, with units per transaction increasing by 40%. Finally, the number of registered accounts has increased to 1300, 600 of whom have made a purchase.

So what's next for Mustela? Our team is developing the second phase of the launch program, ​which is designed to​ keep customers engaged and happy. We are completely redesigning Mustela's homepage​,​ ​implementing best practices to date for a responsive experience t​hat will be carried throughout the entire site.