A Different Kind of Animal


by Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo decided to celebrate the launch of its Carrera sunglasses by throwing high-octane parties around the world. 

They hired ADKOA to create the online extension of those memorable experiences. Each event featured a photo booth with gilded filters to match the product’s gilded shades. Our task was to create a microsite that lived up to the brand’s luxurious aesthetic – in three short weeks. 

Discovery & Insights

Our team developed a style sheet with fonts, color schemes, and layout settings that reflected the luxe look and feel of the Carrera by Jimmy Choo campaign. Once the artistic elements were in place, we created wireframes and creative comps for the website, both desktop- and mobile-optimized versions. 


Our design team began its process with the “About” and “Shop” pages. The layout was designed to match the streamlined sophistication of the product. The black-and-gold color scheme spoke to the luxe feel of the shades as well as the brand. The home page featured a strong CTA to maximize conversion to purchase and provided easy access to the site’s additional pages through the navigation as well as the footer

Key pieces to making the site successful were the front-end UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) components. Our web development team optimized these elements by adding a Photo Manipulation Module to the site’s design as a form of virtual product sampling. It engaged users by allowing them to share and promote the Carrera product. Upon e-arrival, they were guided through several screens that let them Upload a Photo and then customize it by dragging-and-dropping in any pair of Carreras. Since we wanted users to have a truly seamless experience, we gave them the ability to scale, filter, and delete their photos. The filter, also designed by ADKOA, was dubbed Carrera Gold. 


The final result was published to the site’s Gallery page, which featured hundreds of photos from fellow users and was the site’s best form of product promotion. The final page encouraged users to share their photos on Facebook or Twitter via share buttons. Our team used these photos to post to Carrera’s Facebook and Twitter pages under #carrerajimmychoo.

Now, even those who couldn’t make it to the party were able to join the Carrera movement.