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Textured Hair Product Line

Cantu came to A Different Kind of Animal with a challenge. 
Help them get the word out about their expanding natural hair care line in an unexpected way.
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Most consumers didn't know Cantu had so many options to offer those with natural hair.
We set out to reposition the Cantu brand as the expert of all things "curly, coily and wavy." 
 We identified a growing trend within the natural hair community – "cocktailing" product recipes. We wanted to show consumers tips and tricks for how to get these styles with Cantu.

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So all we needed was a virtual megaphone, and a rallying cry:
My Curl. My Cantu.
We tapped into that robust online cocktailing community to help spread the word.

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We created useful "Textured Hair Tutorials" combined with out of home, digital and other placements in major trend-leading cities like LA and NY, generating awareness and encouraging consumers to post their looks with the hashtag #mycantu.
We received thousands of inspiring submissions from the natural community. 
Video views are at a million and a half and counting.

digital videos

Digital Videos showed us how to create the looks you want by "cocktailing" multiple Cantu products.


Print appeared in media focused on natural hair and beauty, as well as nationwide publications like Cosmo.


Shortened digital videos teased the longer form Youtube videos.


Outdoor media helped gain awareness for the brand in additional markets like New Orleans.
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The campaign helped the brand garner even more attention in Europe and Africa.

Now when people think "My Curl," they think "My Cantu."